Bishop Lawrence Nicasio’s Easter Message 2020

How can we not talk about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has impacted our country and our world? This virus entered our world, our lives and has tested our preparedness to its attack and to its forceful presence. For many, a house built on sand is sufficient: the hand sanitizer, the mask and food supplies. For others, the concern is more profound. For them, a house built on sand is not the answer. They prefer, at a time like this, to build their house on rock, on the Lord.

It is clear to me why on many occasions Pope Francis reminds us to not be afraid, to be courageous children of God. It is because the pope has the full understanding and knowledge that there is only one who is all knowing and all powerful, God almighty. Scripture tells us not to be afraid of the one who can only kill the body, but to be afraid of the one who can kill both body and soul and throw it into Gehenna; that One is God almighty.

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