We have to change course!

Ivan Fernald recently presented Mgr. Karel Choennie with a copy of his latest book. The title immediately clarifies what needs to be done within our educational system: “We have to change course”. With the subtitle “action plans for better education”, it becomes clear that this is not only a theoretical framework, but that concrete action plans are offered to do things differently in our educational system. This book aims to be a reflection on the current educational situation in Suriname. The claims in his book are substantiated by figures and the data has been carefully processed in graphs.

Recent innovations in the educational system are being scrutinized, such as the Academic Teacher Training Program, the IMEAO New Style, The New Teacher, the Lower Professional Education (LBO) and the resit rules of Havo. The writer also addresses the phenomenon of large-scale tutoring and early school leavers. He also makes a passionate plea for better education in the interior.

Suriname must realize that a global transformation is taking place, partly as a result of the stormy technological developments. This has consequences for education and this imposes new competence requirements on the teacher.

During the presentation, Mr. Fernald, who is a member of the school board of Roman Catholic Education, said that without the special schools e.g. Catholic schools, the state of Suriname would not be able to guarantee education throughout Suriname. Special education, like through the Catholic schools, has the special task of contributing to teaching value. Without inspired teachers and educators who are aware of a shared vision and mission, the technological possibilities will not bear fruit. Ultimately, what matters is that we are driven by love to change course.

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